Dominatrix Pinup Vixen. Yes that's all one word. Lots of sex work and fashion. Vintage and feminism. Artist, cat lady, student, blonde bombshell. Los Angeles living with a rag tag bunch of kinky fetishists.
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Heeey, you fantastically sexy and witty charmer, you! If Monday means back to work, hang in there… because on Friday, Pangæa is BACK! 

Join us at LA’s largest dungeon for this fabulous kinky & queer event. Play in one of seven fully furnished rooms; enjoy our refreshment table’s homemade dips, fruits & veg, and salty treats; and meet some truly lovely people. 

This month’s party features the triumphant return of our CONSENT WORKSHOP. Don’t miss the intrepid Niel N. Begfort sex-positive class & discussion, starting at 9:30. 

Our Queer Cabaret, hosted by HP Loveshaft, will feature acts that tantalize and tickle, with a show that’s one part burlesque, one part kink, two parts drag, and two parts gin. This month’s theme is mythology! Join us as we pay homage to dieties and spirits of times past. 

We’re also excited to be welcoming new arrivals to our cast…more about them later! :P

So what are you waiting for? Go and RSVP to Pangæa presents: Pantheon on Facebook or on Fetlife.

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Your arms have distracted me throughout all the seasons.

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Anonymous asked: Where can I find your porn?






Irish design studio Me&Him&You created covetable minimalistic posters of cities that combine iconic skyscrapers with signature drinks!

He marvels all things new to him
and I only wait for all things in this sick world to end…

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